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StartupNkap Accelerator Programme (SAP)

This is the first of such a program in Cameroon/Africa providing intensive and time-limited business support for cohorts of start-ups and to fast track their growth by offering training, mentoring business support, and opportunities for fundraisings and exposure to the market and networks. The programme is intended for start-ups ready to scale and expand and expose them to investment opportunities.



StartupNkap CoffeeLab

CoffeeLab is a monthly innovative meet and talk networking event for SMEs and start-ups ventures and potential investors (Business Angels, Equity Investors and Venture Capitalists). Focus on experience sharing, business opportunities etc.



StartupNkap Big Fish

Big Fish (Millionaires) give budding entrepreneurs the chance to secure business deals that could make them millionaires. We bring multimillionaire and billionaire tycoons – continue their search to invest in the best businesses and products in Africa. We bring advanced stage ventures and business owners to pitch their business and secure business deals that could make them millionaires.



StartupNkap Business Exchange Program

The SBEP aims at engaging startups / SMEs and stakeholders for a business meeting in across Africa with key objective for Business scalability and expansion, investment clinic. Networking with key Ecosystem actors.



StartupNkap Innovation Fund

The Innovation Fund is a portfolio which brings together the contributions of donors, Business Angels and from which are drawn the resources allocated, after studying the files, to the most competitive and innovative

The Innovation Fund is hosted with an approved credible financial institution. This account is managed by the Board of Directors and by the Startup’Nkap management team. The funds are allocated to a determined number of business projects for a variable duration. We provide unique hybrid investment fund that supports the piloting, rigorous testing, and scaling of innovative ventures across all sectors.

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Our role is to connect, mobilize finance and resources from the different sectors above and invest in SMEs and Start-up on our data base

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